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This store is ridiculous. I bought some jeans from them. Went home tried them on and found they did not fit. Brought them back to return them. I had the recipit. Told by the cashier that I can only get store credit even though I read the return policy they had at the register the day before which no where stated anything about only being able to recievce store credit. Now I' m out of $30 and... Read more

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I went to fallas paredes yesterday 9-10-14. We got everything and we were ready to pay. We went to the register just to find the lady texting. We put some stuff so she can bring it up but she still was in her phone texting. She told us to put everything we did and I told her that everything was on the register. She told me "can you wait I'm texting" and of curse I got mad and told her that she... Read more

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My sister got an outfit for my sons birthday. The cashier forgot to *** the security tag from the outfit. When i got his present thats when i realized the.security tag was still on. But by that time we didn't have the reciept anymore. So i explained the situation to the manager and she told me she wasn't going to *** the tag without the reciept. Luckily i paid with my credit card so i thretened... Read more

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I went in the store and bought 2 pairs of jeans on march the 1st of 2012 went back to the store on the 27TH of march to exchange the sizes and by the way THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN WORN.I asked the cashier she was not friendly at all ,so I asked for the store manager and WOW WOW was the the rudest and most unprofessional manager i have ever met ,she did not only refuse to exchange them but she was... Read more

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